What is GAIAPOP? 

A: GAIAPOP is a platform that transcends the internet and presents itself as a way of life. It is a streaming service with free, unique, informative, family-oriented, disruptive, and holistic content. GAIAPOP offers spirituality, freedom of expression and choice, alternatives for health, well-being, nutrition, meditation, religiosity, and much more. If you found GAIAPOP, it’s for a reason. Enjoy, explore, get to know, and be part of this growing human transformation movement.

What is the difference between GAIAPOP and other platforms? 

A: We do not believe in differences. We believe in experiences. Our experience is based on freedom of choice of content, freedom of expression, and the possibility of accessing new, holistic, and transformative knowledge for free. We do not charge a subscription fee. We do not bring harmful content to families. We do not hide relevant information. We are GAIAPOP.

What type of content is available on GAIAPOP? 

A: We offer the wisdom of teachers, philosophers, psychotherapists, religious leaders, consciousness-raising music, healing programs, documentaries, meditations, and practical exercises for continuous spiritual development.

Is GAIAPOP safe and suitable for my family and children? 

A: Yes. You will not find harmful messages, content against families, well-being of others, substance use, illegal or abusive practices here. At GAIAPOP, you will find tranquility and peace.

What languages are the GAIAPOP content available in? 

A: We have content available in Portuguese, English, and Spanish.

How do I submit my content to GAIAPOP? 

A: It is not difficult to submit content to GAIAPOP, and you can also include paid courses. Contact us for more information.

What is the Privacy Policy and Terms of Use? 

A: Access our links here: https://tv.gaiapop.org/privacy and https://tv.gaiapop.org/terms.

What’s new on GAIAPOP? 

A: GAIAPOP is constantly updated. Besides traditional topics from various perspectives, you will also find current themes. Just download the app and stay tuned.

How often is the content updated? 

A: Always. There is no monthly or biweekly frequency. Our growth is constant like your breath.

What are GAIAPOP Originals? 

A: These are planned and produced content by GAIAPOP. In these, we take full responsibility for what is presented.

Where is GAIAPOP available? 

A: GAIAPOP can be watched on smartphones, tablets, computers, and smart TVs. The app can be downloaded for free from the Apple Store and Google Play.

Why is there advertising on the streaming? 

A: To maintain our mission and make it viable, we have advertising spaces that support the project.

How can I advertise on GAIAPOP? 

A: Contact our commercial area at contact@gaiapop.org.

How do I report content I saw on GAIAPOP? 

A: If you disagree with any content or notice a problem with what is published, fill out this form contact@gaiapop.org.

What is the streaming quality you offer? 

A: Our quality is (to be completed).

Does GAIAPOP offer support via phone, chat, or email? 

A: To contact us, you can click on this link and access our contacts and social networks.

Does GAIAPOP have live content? How do I access it? 

A: GAIAPOP’s live content is available alongside the catalog. It is labeled “LIVE” for easy access.


How do I access GAIAPOP? 

A: Through smartphones, tablets, smart TVs, via the app or web. Download the app from the Apple Store or Google Play or access tv.gaiapop.org.

How do I find content that interests me? 

A: You can browse categories or search for titles or subjects using the search bar.

How much does it cost to watch GAIAPOP content? 

A: GAIAPOP content, except for specific courses, is completely free.

Are there subscription plans on GAIAPOP?

A: No. GAIAPOP is free, but you can subscribe to courses if you’re interested.

How do I bookmark/unbookmark content to watch later? 

A: (To be evaluated if this feature exists).

How do I change the language on GAIAPOP? 

A: To change the language, click on the button corresponding to the desired language in the top right corner of the screen. Please note that not all content is available in multiple languages.

Can I download content to watch offline? 

A: It is not possible to download GAIAPOP content.

Is there a limit to the number of devices that can be connected in my household? 

A: There are no limits to connections.

Are GAIAPOP programs classified or rated by viewers? How do I access these ratings? 

A: We do not have a content rating system. Each viewer draws their own conclusions about what they have seen. We fully respect everyone’s opinion.


How do I subscribe to a course? 

A: To subscribe to a course, choose the desired course, click on the “SUBSCRIBE” button, and follow the step-by-step payment process.

How do I make a payment? 

A: (I need more information here).

Is it possible to get a refund in case of regret? 

A: Yes. Like any purchase through electronic means, it is possible to have a refund if you change your mind. See our refund policy (link).


Is it possible to watch without being logged in? 

A: No. To view GAIAPOP content, you need to register and log in.

How do I create a user? 

A: On the GAIAPOP homepage, click on “LOGIN,” then click on “CREATE ACCOUNT.” Fill in your details and start watching.

I forgot my login or password, what now? 

A: On the login window, you will see “Change Password.” Click there to change your password. If you have any questions or need technical support, contact us at contact@gaiapop.org.


How do I submit my content to GAIAPOP? Do you buy or evaluate content?

A: Contact us through this form: (provide the relevant contact form link).

How are GAIAPOP content creators remunerated? 

A: Content creators can be remunerated in various ways. Contact us, and we will send you an explanatory video. Email us at contact@gaiapop.org.