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Who are we?
We are TV market professionals, producers, cameramen, TV directors, musicians, doctors, screenwriters, professionals voice talents, artists, architects, accountants, religious study groups, designers, environmentalists, psychologists, psychotherapist, educators, lawyers, judges, doctors with decades of experience, with the commitment of building a spiritual light path day by day.

You will be able to learn different philosophies, religions, personal development techniques and practices, harmonization of surroundings techniques, alternative holistic therapies, metaphysics, quantum realities, among many other pieces of knowledge and information, on our website.

Evolutionary learning, personal growth techniques, and tools will be presented in the form of programs, experiences, courses, lectures, and films which had come from differents parts of our planet (Gaia).

Our Mission
Our mission is to bring all people, regardless of religion, the expansion of our awareness, a heavenly awakening to a new way of being and being present in the world, where everyone may then be a genuine contribution to the creation of a new and harmonious worldwide reality, Gaia for everyone.

We all know that the real pursuit of knowledge is within, it is a personal challenge but we invite all of you to build together the expansion of our awareness to achieve our capability and thereby be stronger and divinely free.

Gaia for everyone!!!

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OUR Channel

You will find different channels, on our website www.gaiapop.org, with different teachers, philosophers, psychotherapists, religious leaders, upliftment of the mind songs, healing programs, documentaries, and practical activity for the continuing exercise of spirituality in our lives. We know very well and we have many knowledge sources but we don’t practice very much. Only practicing can take us to spiritual life with lightness and wisdom. Practicing together will make us stronger.

Our humanitarian project leads to the Planet’s spiritual knowledge, regardless of religion. We are all one. Our channel has programs that bring us the expansion of our awareness and a heavenly awakening to all people. Our intention is to take the content of the channel for everyone, so we can make the human being more awareness and have his collaboration in order to co-create a new reality at all times. We can take care of our self, as individuals, to change our life and our surrounding. If we all make this change, together, we will change the world.

Our programs will be available on the internet, on your computer, smart tvs, mobile apps, and ipads.

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Donation & Professional Support

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Gaiapop Originals

Video production Infrastructure, radio station, and music videos. Contact us by clicking below.

Videos, Podcast/pre-production content

Would you like to produce but you do not have audio or video studio, camera, microphone, or set but you have knowledge of how to do it? We have studios in Chennai (India), Miami (United States), São Paulo (Brazi). Send us an email with your presentation with topics of interest so we can study your project and see how we can work together.

Do you have studios in others regions and would you like to join us? Send us your proposal by clicking below.

Videos, Podcast/Ready-made content

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    Would like in any way to collaborate with us? Are you retired? Want to be volunteer? Can be searching for new material, producing with us, shooting, lecturing, seeking partnership, developing programs, searching for topics of interest, contributing with your videos.

    Be part of WAPOP! WAPOP is our department in charge of creating new content where you can make part of it! Together we all play our part in GAIA and we can make our GAIA a better place!

    If you are ready like we are, and would like to join in one of our projects, drop us a line. [email protected]
    We will share our knowledge, our tools to create content. Production partners, technicians, directors, writers, teachers, collaborating for the quantic evolution of humanity!

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